Are you Fire Safe this Summer?

With the holiday season now well underway, there are many safety rules and regulations that holiday parks should be following in order to protect the safety of their guests. This includes making sure the entire site is completely fire safe and that all guests are aware of how to conduct their holiday activities with fire safety in mind too.

So we’ve highlighted some of the key things to be aware of to keep your premises fire safe this summer.

Camping fire safety

Did you know…A fire is capable of destroying a tent in as little as 60 seconds.

  • Tents should be pitched at least 6 metres apart from one another
  • Never light a flame, even a small candle, in or near the tent
  • Cook outside away from the tent and nowhere near any flammable materials or long grass.
  • Keep lighters and matches out of reach of children
  • Never smoke inside the tent
  • Have a clear fire escape plan in place
  • Always have a good pair of scissors kept inside the tent, so that in the worst case scenario you could cut your way out of the tent.
  • If clothes catch fire – drop to the floor and roll around to put out the flames. If someone else is on fire, get them to do the same and help smother the flames with a blanket.

Caravan fire safety

Did you know…An average of 500 fires are started in caravans every year.

  • Park the caravans and mobile homes at least 6 metres apart
  • Make a fire escape plan
  • Make sure you can get out of a window if needed
  • Never dry clothes right next to the heater
  • Do not overload sockets with too many appliances
  • Never leave your cooking unattended
  • Always smoke outside of the caravan

Countryside fire safety

Did you know…Over the last decade, 49,000 fires are started on grass every year.

  • Always avoid open fires in the countryside
  • Put out cigarettes properly and never just throw them out of a car window.
  • Never discard litter on the ground. Sunlight can shine onto glass and start a fire.
  • If a fire starts and cannot be extinguished with a bucket of water, simply leave the area and call for help.

Barbecue safety

Throughout the summer months, many of your guests may decide to have a barbecue, but make sure they know how to enjoy one safely.

  • Never use, or light, barbecues indoors and always follow the safety instructions of a disposable one.
  • Place it on flat ground, away from fences, trees, sheds and shrubbery.
  • Once you have finished cooking, empty the ashes into garden soil and NOT into the dustbin. If the ash is hot it can melt the plastic.
  • Children and pets must be kept away from the barbecue at all times.

If your site isn’t currently up to standards when it comes to fire safety then you can call on us here at Cheshire Fire for our expert help. We are fully qualified to install new fire safety equipment, as well as service and maintain existing equipment too.