Fire prevention top tips

The best way you can prevent a fire from breaking out is adhering to good fire safety practices. If you put in place fire prevention practices and train your staff sufficiently, everyone in your business can contribute to a safe work environment. What’s more, with a plan in place, if a fire breaks out your workforce will also know how to get out quickly and safely.

Whilst you may hope that fire safety is common sense, without proper planning there could be disastrous consequences and, as a business owner, you will be shirking your legal responsibilities. To help you create a safer environment in your workplace, here are some top tips for fire prevention for businesses.

Carry out a fire risk assessment

Carrying out a fire risk assessment of your property is not only a legal necessity for the majority of businesses, it is also a great first step for increasing fire safety. Your fire risk assessment should comprehensively examine the hazards and risks of your individual property and include ways to reduce any potential dangers. A good fire risk assessment can then be used to inform other fire safety measures.

Good housekeeping

Good housekeeping practices can greatly reduce the likelihood of a fire within your workplace. Positive actions to uphold include:

  • Keep your workplace clear from excessive paper, rubbish and other such clutter which could catch and fuel a fire, or even obstruct fire fighting equipment or fire exits.
  • Take care of electronics, ensuring you don’t overload plugs or use damaged equipment as both can be causes of fires.
  • Keep flammable items away from equipment which emits heat – for example, don’t stack papers on your computer tower.

Ensure you have fire safety equipment

Fire safety equipment can prevent small fires getting out of hand and make sure everyone is alerted and safe if a fire does break out. Fire alarms, smoke detectors, sprinkler systems, fire extinguishers and fire blankets are just some examples of safety equipment you should find in a workplace. Making sure these are strategically placed across rooms and floors can greatly increase safety and speed of fire detection.

Good maintenance

Having the appropriate fire safety equipment won’t suffice if they aren’t well maintained. Fire alarms and smoke detectors should be tested regularly to ensure they are in full working condition. Furthermore, fire extinguishers should be inspected by a professional periodically to make sure they will still be effective should their usage be necessary.

It is good practice to update your fire risk assessment periodically to account for any changes in your working environment. If your fire risk assessment is up to date, all potential hazards can be brought to light and handled effectively.

Have a well-known evacuation plan

Even in a safe workplace, accidents can happen and so you should ensure you have a well thought out evacuation plan, should a fire occur. Escape routes, emergency exits, emergency lighting and a pre-determined assembly point should all be well-known to staff so everyone can be safe and react appropriately should an evacuation be necessary.


Cheshire Fire provides businesses of all kinds with high quality fire risk assessments, fire safety training and fire fighting equipment. With our guidance, you can rest assured your premises will meet all fire safety legislation. Our experts will help make your business as hazard-free as possible and ensure you are equipped and qualified to react appropriately in the event of a fire. To improve your workplace’s fire safety in Chester, Warrington or the surrounding areas, get in touch with our team today to discuss how we can help.