Fire safety checklist for your workplace

If you own a commercial property, are an employer, or are a landlord of a commercial building, you’ll need to be aware of certain rules and legislations surrounding fire safety standards in the workplace. The more vigorous you are with the fire safety, the less likely there will be a fire, or injury as a result. Fire risk assessments play an important role in the prevention and detection of fires, which is why many employees opt to keep on record and regularly complete a workplace fire safety checklist, to ensure all legal protocols are enforced.

There are a variety of tasks that are to be approved to safeguard all employees in the building from the dangers of a fire, as a part of the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005 that was established to decrease the amount of fire related incidents in the UK. This fire safety checklist will help you review your fire safety awareness and allow you to see what needs improvement in your workplace.

Fire Alarm System

Alarm systems

  • Install a fire detection alarm system that is suitable for your size of establishment and carbon dioxide monitors.
  • Ensure there is a weekly alarm tests and biannual fire drills conducted to ensure everyone is aware of what to do in the event of a fire.
Fire Evacuation Signage

Fire procedures

  • Have a detailed plan of safety fire procedures and have them regularly updated by the responsible person.
  • Have a constant and accurate account of who is in the building at all times, we recommend having a logbook to keep track of employees and guests in the building.
  • Take into account people with disabilities or the eldery and their escape routes. They must be easily accessible to them.
  • Give specialist training to a few people in the building, so they are the designated fire warden, who will remain calm in a panic.
  • Ensure the fire warden checks the fire safety equipment and records the updates in a logbook.
Fire Extinguishers lined up

Fire safety equipment

  • Each building needs to have a fire extinguisher to tackle all possible types of fires. This equipment needs to be positioned appropriately for easy access in case of a fire.
  • Emergency lighting, escape routes, and fire doors must be regularly maintained and checked to ensure they work properly and aren’t blocked by anything that could impede peoples escape route.
  • Evacuation plans must be placed in well-used places so employees can make themselves aware of the routes.

At Cheshire Fire, our professional and experienced team can help you complete a detailed fire risk assessment of all premises, no matter the type of commercial property you want to have checked. Our team have years of experience in ensuring your property has the correct fire prevention in place and your responsible person knows exactly what to do in the event of a fire. For more information on our services, please get in touch with us today.