Fireproofing the Home for Christmas

With Christmas fast approaching, everyone is letting their hair down a bit. As families come together, spirits are raised and Christmas decorations are arranged, the excitement is clear. However, although Christmas is a time for fun, there is also reason to be cautious.

We want you to have fun at Christmas, but here at Cheshire Fire, we understand the importance of doing so in safety. It’s estimated that around 20 people will fall victim to Christmas related fires in the month of December, so in this article, we want to highlight three key causes of Christmas fires and what you can do to minimise their potential danger.

Fairy lights

You can’t think of Christmas decorations without thinking of fairy lights. They form the backbone of displays, lighting up our homes both internally and externally. However, you need to take great care when purchase a set. Fire safety experts advise to always check the fuse type on your lights before putting them up, the packaging should contain information concerning the maximum fuse type appropriate.

Also, when arranging your fairy lights, be sure to never place them any where near flammable materials. The bulbs are small and brittle and if they burst, then a fire could quite easily break out.

The tree

The tree is another fire hazard that you must consider when setting up your decorations. It’s estimated that the Christmas tree is responsible for 1 in 6 of all fires during the Christmas period, so it makes sense that you should treat it with caution.

When browsing trees, make sure that you get one which is new and freshly cut, this is because older trees tend to shed their needles onto the floor, creating a fire hazard. What’s more, older trees are also drier than their newer counterparts, meaning that they are much more likely to be set ablaze if left next to a radiator.

Speaking of which, the positioning of your tree is absolutely vital. Make sure that you never set your tree to close to a fireplace, radiator or even light fittings. Find a safe place for it in the corner of a room.


Christmas is the perfect time for scented candles. They can add a real sense of cosiness to a room, whilst providing a nice wintry musk, too. That said, one should take great care when arranging them. Firstly, it’s best to minimise how many candles you have burning at one time to ensure you don’t forget about any. Secondly, it’s important to make sure that you don’t place your candles anywhere near flammable materials; Christmas cards, stockings, the tree – these are all objects which should not be anywhere near naked flames.

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