How Google Nest and IoT improve fire safety in your home

The IoT (Internet of Things) refers to an extension of internet connectivity in which it connects all technological devices so they can ‘talk’ to each other. The IoT was originally the idea of connecting everyday objects to the internet allowing them to ‘talk’ to each other, thus sharing information which subsequently creates a more technologically cohesive environment in the home or work place. 

Simple sensors on everyday devices can detect changes in the environment, alert one another and use the data to decipher what is happening in their surrounding environment. This could alert a home owner or employers of a potential fire outbreak, meaning the problem could be dealt with more efficiently and quickly, preventing extensive fire damage and possibly injury or death. 

The IoT is an idea that has been around for a few decades, but has never really been created or sold on a commercial level until now. 

Google Nest

Considering in the past few decades we have made technological advancements that no one could have predicted, we have not made much progress in the way of home fire safety. The fire alarm first entered the home during the eighties and their design hasn’t changed much since, even though other appliances within the home have advanced dramatically. 

Google Nest is a solution to fire safety and awareness in the home and has become one of the most popular forms of smart home automation, steadily but surely gaining more customers over the years. Equipped with a gentle, human like voice, Google Nest can alarm you whenever it detects smoke or carbon monoxide, as well as light up when it senses somebody moving throughout the home in the night. 

Google Nest lasts up to a decade and tests itself automatically periodically so you can be sure you’re in safe hands over the years. This redesigned fire alarm can also be connected to your phone, alerting you of any problems whilst you are out before it spreads. You can also control your homes temperature from your phone using the Google Nest, as well as your hot water supply, turning your boiler off and on whenever you desire. 

In recent years, the Google Nest has been able to connect with a camera, allowing you to view video surveillance of your home and doorway 24/7, as well as saving this footage in the iCloud for 30 days. 


It is becoming evident that this is just the beginning of smart home technology, something that may become a staple in many homes in years to come. The Internet Of Things may very well become a reality for many homeowners, as we slowly start to see it enter our everyday lives. 

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