How to prevent commercial vehicle fires

Vehicle fires are extremely dangerous due to its unpredictability and highly flammable fuel contained within. Around 100,000 cars in the UK go up in flames every year, making the probability that you’ll have to deal with a fire in your own vehicle likely. The majority of vehicle fires are caused by arson, so we’ve created a checklist to ensure you reduce the likelihood of your vehicle being set on fire:

  • Park your car or commercial vehicle in a well-lit area and, if possible, in a locked and secure car park to ensure optimum safety. 
  • Remove the ignition key, even if you’re just nipping in your house or into a shop, as this gives someone an opportunity to steal your car 
  • Always leave your windows locked shut
  • Always lock your boot
  • Don’t leave personal or company property visible in the vehicle, as this gives arsonists a motive 
  • Install anti-theft devices or alarms in your company car or commercial vehicle that will alert you when it is being broken into
Car on fire being put out

A small percentage of vehicle fires are due to mechanical errors. We highly recommend getting your commercial vehicle serviced annually to make sure it is operating safely and efficiently, but there are things you can do more regularly to reduce the risk of a vehicle fire, including:

  • Buy a fire extinguisher for your vehicle which is suitable for the type of fire that will arise in the event of a vehicle fire
  • Do not smoke in your vehicle – lit cigarettes might drop hot ash onto flammable surfaces such as plastic car seats 
  • Regularly check fuel lines for signs of wear and ensure their connections are undamaged
  • Check any electrical wiring is still in good condition, and only hire qualified professionals to make any changes to your wiring systems to avoid the risk of fire

If a fire does break out in your commercial vehicle, follow these steps to ensure the safety of you and your passengers:

  • Switch off the engine
  • Release the bonnet but DO NOT try to open it
  • Evacuate the car
  • Call 999 immediately 
  • Keep onlookers and vehicles away from the area


Cheshire Fire is dedicated to serving the community by bringing awareness to fire safety for those who have commercial vehicles or company cars. We offer a range of products and services to facilitate this goal, including training opportunities and information on legal information surrounding fire safety. For more information, please don’t hesitate to get in contact with a member of our team.