Keep your office secure during the Christmas holidays

When you and your staff leave for the Christmas holidays in festive cheer, ready to spend time with family and friends, you may forget that the festive season is also a time the frequency of thefts increase, as properties are left unattended for days on end. The Christmas holidays are an ideal time for thieves to try their luck, as people switch off the lights and rush off home on Christmas Eve, often forgetting to do simple security checks on their way. If you’re planning on leaving your office vacant for a few days over the holidays, here are some tips to protect your business whilst you’re gone:

Lock up!

Double and triple check every window and door before you leave for the Christmas break, as well as placing important documents in locked drawers and password protecting all your computers to protect sensitive information. This may seem like an obvious one, but you’d be surprised how many businesses accidentally leave a bathroom window open or an unlocked cash box on the side every year.


Business lighting

It’s highly recommended for any business that you have lighting installed that can make the exterior of your property visible during the night. Having motion-triggered exterior lighting will repel any thieves away from your property in fear of being seen. Also, consider having interior office smart lighting systems, as this could not only help you save electricity over the year, but lights being on whilst the office is meant to be empty will alert you to an intruder.

Test fire and security alarms

Fire Alarm System

Although it’s vital you test your fire alarms regularly throughout the year, testing them one final time before you leave will help you rest easy, knowing if an electrical failure starts a fire, your building will alert you and the emergency services immediately. Nevertheless, security alarms must also be checked to confirm they’ll work in case of attempted theft.

Christmas decorations

Christmas decorations

If you’ve been getting into the Christmas spirit at work, you’ll likely have Christmas decorations up around the office, such as fairy lights and tinsel. It’s important all fairy lights must be switched off over the holidays, as they are not designed to be on for prolonged periods of time and could overheat – causing a fire. Tinsel resting on overheating lights can also, quite literally, add fuel to the fire, so make sure all tinsel and decoration are placed sensibly around the office. A fire could give a thief the opportunity to break in, under the guise the damage was caused by the fire, and steal valuables in your property.


CCTV system for small business

An apparent choice for protection, CCTV offers a 24/7 surveillance of your business, keeping tabs on the comings and goings. Having an internet-connected CCTV system will mean you can keep watch from the comfort of your home and have video evidence if a theft takes place.

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