The future of fire safety technology

Fire safety technology has made tremendous advancements over the last few decades, saving many lives in the process. Although fire safety has come a long way, there are still improvements being implemented in commercial and domestic properties, even today. There are constantly new ideas on how to prevent fires and contain them, but which ones are we most likely to see in the future?

Sound wave extinguisher

This idea has been considered for many years, but no one has managed to create a portable sound wave extinguisher until now. Using only low-frequency sound waves to extinguish the flames, this way of smothering the flames doesn’t leave any mess behind, like normal fire extinguishers. Sound wave extinguishers can only work with smaller fires, as use of them with a larger fire may reignite already hot surfaces. 

Water mist system

Instead of relying on standard sprinklers, water mist systems are considered to be the future of fire safety. Sprinklers work by expelling large water droplets onto the fire, which uses a lot of water. Water mist systems work by spraying a thin veil of mist over the fire, creating a larger surface area of water and suffocating the fire by lowering the temperature. This also significantly reduces the amount of water damage in a building after a fire, especially to buildings containing expensive equipment. 

Robotic firefighter

Although robotic firefighters have been an idea for many years, they have only recently been used in firefighting. During the Notre-Dame fire, robot firefighters were utilised to try and fight the fire from the inside to prevent risk to human life. Although firefighters are using this technology, there are still plenty of improvements to be made, as designs are still in their primitive stages. 

Drone technology

Drones can be used for a multitude of practices, having been under innovation since the early 1900s. There are a few working prototypes of a drone designed to deliver a defibrillator to people having a heart attack, this may occur during a fire. Having this type of technology available to those in a dangerous situation could help firefighters save even more lives, by drastically improving the survival rate of fire victims. In a few more years, it’s predicted that there will be drones with the ability to extract victims from fierce flames of fire when firefighters are unable to reach them. 

Smart fire detectors

The smart home technology on the market at the moment often limits itself to entertainment and useful gimmicks, but did you know it could help keep your home safe in the event of a fire? The Internet of Things (IoT) is becoming an increasingly popular form of technology, orientated towards keeping your home secure and safe. Smart fire detectors will detect where and when a fire begins and direct the appropriate responders immediately. You can even connect this technology to your phone, so you’ll get alerted as soon as there is an issue. 


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