Types of Commercial Fire Alarm Systems

Fire Alarm Systems are an essential part of the fire safety strategy your commercial premises is legally required to have in place should a fire ever occur. Fire Alarms are designed to alert all persons within the building of a fire quickly, so they are able to safely evacuate from the premises.

Here at Cheshire Fire, we offer a range of fire alarm systems for your commercial building – this article lists the various types of systems available to choose from.

Why choose a fire alarm system?

Fire alarms are vital to completing any fire safety system in order to ensure the prompt warning and evacuation of people within the building should a fire occur. As a business owner, it is not only your responsibility, but also your legal obligation under the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005 to ensure all steps are taken to provide sufficient fire safety within a commercial premises.

The type of fire alarm system you choose to install will mainly depend on the size of your commercial property, and the number of people within the building at any one time.

Conventional Fire Alarm System

A conventional fire alarm system splits the building into zones, with that particular zone being activated should a fire occur. This enables the fire authorities or responsible person onsite to see which zone of the building the fire is in, and act accordingly.

Conventional alarms link each detector to a central control panel via its own wire, and tend to be the more affordable option. This type of system is ideal for smaller commercial premises where a more advanced alarm system may not be necessary.


Addressable fire alarm systems are ideal for larger commercial buildings, as well as public buildings with a large amount of foot traffic. They are similar to Conventional Systems with the exception that Addressable Fire Alarms have a control panel that can pinpoint which detector has been activated rather than just which zone.

This makes finding the location of a fire much faster for the fire authorities, and safer for people trying to evacuate. For larger commercial areas, the ability to find exactly which detector has been activated is ideal in order to be able to deal with fires quickly.

Here at Cheshire Fire, we offer a range of fire safety equipment, installation, and maintenance services, including fire alarm systems. For more information, or to request a free site assessment, simply contact our friendly team today and we’ll be happy to assist you.