Why All Caravan Parks Should Have Fire Extinguisher Cabinets

Caravan and holiday parks are synonymous with summer barbeques and enjoying the weather outdoors. It’s essential, therefore, that all caravan parks have fire safety systems in place should an accident occur.

Fire extinguishers are a legal requirement for these premises, but how they are stored is up to you as a business owner. Here at Cheshire Fire, we prioritise fire safety as the upmost importance, and that’s why we would recommend you store your fire extinguishers in cabinets for the following reasons.

Protects extinguishers from damage

Storing your fire extinguishers in cabinets protects them from outside damage. Extreme weather or general wear and tear can degrade an extinguisher’s quality, making it dangerous to use against a fire. What’s more, it’s easy for dirt and grime to accumulate on the extinguishers over time, and this could affect the extinguisher’s performance when it’s needed in an emergency. Storing them inside a cabinet prevents this damage from occurring.

Prevents vandalism

Keeping fire extinguishers protected in cabinets protects them from any potential vandalism or misuse. The misuse of fire extinguishers could cause them to be un-usable in the case of an actual emergency, which could have severe consequences.

Keeping the extinguishers stored safely assures you and everyone else at the caravan park that extinguishers are in working order should they be needed.

Accessible, easy to identify

In a crowded holiday park with many people, spotting a lone fire extinguisher in an emergency could prove difficult. Fire extinguisher cabinets are often larger and bright, making them easy to identify even from a distance.

Likewise, the cabinets are easily accessible, providing a secure place to locate and use extinguishers when necessary.

Lockable to prevent theft

For quieter hours, cabinets can also be locked to prevent theft. This may be necessary in areas where there are less people around, such as at night, and the risk of extinguishers being stolen is increased.

Can be mounted indoors or outdoors

Cabinets are versatile in their placement, and can be mounted anywhere indoors or outdoors, or left freestanding. This can often be an easier alternative to finding somewhere to safely and securely store just the extinguisher.


Here at Cheshire Fire, we provide equipment and training for outdoor fire protection. We offer detailed fire risk assessments and provide a range of fire safety equipment to ensure your premises are safe.

Contact us today for more information, and we’ll be happy to assist you.