Workplace Fire Alarms – Testing & Maintenance

As a business owner, it is your responsibility to ensure that your workplace upholds the fire standards required by law in order to keep people in the building safe and alarmed in time should a fire occur.

A part of ensuring fire safety standards are met is having fire detection systems in place, and the regular maintenance and testing of these systems to ensure they are operational at all times – even if there is a power shortage in the building.

Legal Requirements

The British Standard regulations state that fire alarms should be tested in the workplace at least once a week by the person responsible.

The aim of the test is simply to ensure that the fire alarm system is operational – it is wise to alert employees and anyone else in the building that the fire alarm will be tested at a certain time so as not to cause a panic.

What to test

All fire safety equipment should be regularly checked for signs of damage or misuse. Equipment such as fire extinguishers should be replaced immediately if discharged, whilst regular testings should be carried out on:

  • Fire detection alarms
  • Emergency lighting
  • Identified fire hazards should be monitored for signs of damage
  • Escape route – check there are no obstructions that could stop people from evacuating in the case of a fire
  • Fire safety signs, ensuring they are in clear view

What to look for

Look for any signs of damage to your fire safety equipment that could prevent it from functioning properly in the event of a fire – this includes any obstructions in the way of fire extinguishers and fire exits.

You should also ensure that the fire alarm activates when tested, and that the systems in place remain functional even if mains power is affected – this includes fire alarms and emergency lighting.


It’s important to log your fire alarm tests accurately, so that you have a record of when your equipment was last updated and checked, and to ensure the fire alarm system is consistently tested. Ideally, there should be one monitored person in your workplace that is responsible for dealing with fire safety and keeping accurate records of the maintenance and testing carried out.

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