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Case Studies

At Cheshire Fire we are proud to be a leading fire alarm company and supplier of fire protection equipment. If you’re still undecided about whether we’re the right company for you then take a look at our case studies for examples of work we’ve done for our previous clients from Chester, Warrington and the surrounding Cheshire Area. We’re sure you’ll see just how dedicated we are to fire safety for each individual client we work with. To find out more simply contact us today.

Waterloo Warehouse

waterloo warehouseThe building was a pioneering automated grain handling and warehousing facility built of Brick, Iron and Granite at Waterloo Dock, itself named after the battle of Waterloo.

The former dockland area was subject to extensive redevelopment from the late 1980’s and Waterloo Warehouse was redeveloped into apartments. The Grade II-listed 6-storey brick building remains a landmark to travellers on the dock road and a distinctive feature of the Mersey Waterfront.

In the intervening 30 years since the redevelopment however, sections of the building’s Fire Alarm and Detection systems had started to show signs of age, and in 2015 Cheshire Fire were commissioned to establish a schedule of replacement/repair works, prioritising on maintaining compliance throughout a building in which the current owners had inherited a backlog of unresolved issues going back over many years.

The task was made the more challenging with the need to work around over 200 occupied apartments. At some stages- in order to meet Health & Safety concerns- this necessitated providing temporary cover with back-up systems whilst whole sections and the systems main addressable control panels could be replaced.

To mitigate the effects of what would be an invasive upgrade and repair project, the original building conversion plans have been obtained and utilized to identify potential cable routes for around 7000 metres of Mineral-insulated Copper-clad (MICC) cable- this method of planning new routes and gaining an understanding of where existing cables were running has proved invaluable to enabling the Cable teams avoid costly decoration and reinstatement works.

The Building Management team have worked closely with Cheshire Fire to ensure upgrade works are kept in line with current legislation e.g. the recent investment of 4 new Passenger Lift replacements have included interfaces which ensure the lift return to the ground floor in the event of an activation- to quote their own experience-:

“The Team at Cheshire Fire have worked hard to bring the system at Waterloo Warehouse back to compliance. They have adapted their work schedule to accommodate residents and tried, wherever possible, to cause as little disruption as possible. It has been a pleasure working with Cheshire Fire on this challenging project. Their professionalism and expertise has been very much appreciated by the Residents, RTM and Keppie Massie as Managing Agents”

Aaron & Partners LLP


We were requested by one of our valued clients- a large solicitor’s practice occupying a prestigious building in Chester’s ancient town centre- who asked us to carry out a full Fire Risk Assessment throughout the entire building. Originally 3 separate office blocks, the assessment threw into relief some of the challenges facing Health & Safety staff every day.

“Cheshire Fire had been looking after our Fire Safety equipment for over 10 years- we started in a small way with the maintenance of the Fire Extinguishers and in 2005 we started upgrading elements of the Fire Safety throughout the buildings- items like Intumescent Fire/Smoke seals and the replacement of obsolete Fire Safety signage, however, the greatest bugbear was the 3 separate fire alarm systems covering different sections of the building- many of which were allocated the same zone! This- understandably with over 95 staff- caused great confusion & consternation every time one of the alarms went off! When Cheshire Fire carried out the full Fire Risk Assessment, they put together a proposal which would revolutionize the management of this critical system:-

  1. Consolidate all building Fire Detection to a single addressable Fire Alarm Control Panel
  2. Upgrade areas not previously covered with Smoke/Heat detection, modifying sensitivity during out of hours occupation
  3. Minimise disruption of a fire alarm during occupied hours by pre-warning to facilities area to allow investigation delay prior to main alarms being triggered
  4. Provide a link to automatically notify Fire Officer of all personnel in the building via the access control system

The works were staged to give adequate cover to all the critical areas during the installation and were carried out with meticulous attention to detail, including working nights & weekends to ensure we had no interruptions to our normal practice. Altogether a very satisfactory experience.

Our relationship with this Company has been most rewarding- we couldn’t overstate their professionalism and ability to address all the issues regarding our Fire Safety effectively and efficiently- and we look forward to our continued relationship”

Samantha Mackie, Administration Department, Aaron & Partners LLP

Ashton House Nursery


“Cheshire Fire have managed and maintained our fire safety equipment and procedures for over 10 years.

They have consistently been professional, friendly and available to deal with any issues quickly and efficiently. Full installations to new build extensions have been carried out without any issues and regular maintenance checks and repairs have always been completed effectively. They have always been sensitive to the surroundings when on site, wishing to minimise any potential disruption.

I would always recommend Cheshire Fire for their experience, knowledge and professionalism.”

Jack Sheppard, Director

Boughton Hall


“Thank you very much for the recent training presentation concerning both our onsite fire fighting equipment and fire safety and control in general.

A feedback comment made to me was, ‘every employee should take this course’ and I agree.

The combination of classroom theory & practical experience, is delivered with structure and impact, and equips individuals with solid techniques and skills that can be applied immediately to increase personal & organizational safety. Employees learn to develop their action plan in the event of a fire & become aware of what is and isn’t within their ability with regard to the equipment made available to them.

The programme materials are of good quality and the booklets provided are useful resources easily added to employee’s information and training portfolio.”

June Callaghan, General Manager

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