What is Involved in Fire Safety Training

If you run a business and have employees, then you are legally obliged to ensure that all of your staff are appropriately trained in fire safety, you are also responsible for keeping their training up to date by arranging regular fire safety training sessions; not doing so is an act of negligence on your part.

Most fire safety training sessions can take place over the course of an afternoon, or similar time frames, and are designed to train your staff in all areas of fire safety that are appropriate for your place of business and their job roles. Topics covered can include:

1. Evacuation protocol, which involves training employees in the proper use of fire exits and, where appropriate, handling customers in a calm and controlled way and/or calmly removing themselves and their colleagues.

2. Understanding the legalities and practicalities surrounding the proper use of fire exits and extinguishers, as well as recognising potential fire hazards. This will also include learning about the Fire Triangle, which is the model for understanding the three main ingredients needed to create a fire: oxygen, heat and fuel.

3. Learning about the different types of fires and the appropriate methods of dealing with them, such as knowing when to use a fire extinguishing device and when to call the fire brigade. This can also include learning about the different types of extinguishers and what to use them for.

4. Knowledge of fire alarms and other warning systems and understanding what to do when they hear them. This could include knowing how to raise the alarm if they discover a fire and the warning system hasn’t automatically activated for some reason.

5. Other important principles such as the “Stop, Drop and Roll” procedure when on fire, or the “Get Down Low and Go! Go! Go!” for a fire within their immediate vicinity. They may also have the chance to deal with a live fire exercise to help them consolidate and practise their new skills.

Equipping your employees with important fire safety skills not only ensures that they and your customers are safe in the event of a fire, but is a good investment in your business. For instance, employees who are trained to spot potential fire hazards are far less likely to accidentally cause a fire than those who aren’t; and employees who can act quickly and decisively in the event of a fire can save lives and help prevent further fire-related damage to your premises, compared to those who may not be trained in appropriate action.

At Cheshire Fire, we aim to provide this kind of training to establishments and are able to ensure that your staff are trained to the highest possible standard. Our staff are fully qualified and use fully insured equipment when executing training programmes. Upon successful completion of the course, all participating employees will receive a certificate. We do recommend that you update your employees’ training on a regular basis and will be happy to run these courses for you. So get in touch with Cheshire Fire today to find out more.